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Wagakki Band Int'l Fanclub [Unofficial]


"Impact that nobody has ever seen. Brilliant and Strong. The Miraculous fusion of rock band and traditional performing arts. authentic expression of music originated in Japan"

“New Sensation Rock Entertainment Band” combining Shigin, Wagakki and Rock Band. Debut in April 2014 with first Album “Vocalo Zanmai” which got first Top 5 in Oricon weekly ranking. For 22 consecutive weeks, this album was continuously ranked among the top 100. 2nd Album “Yasou Emaki” got first place in Oricon weekly ranking and The 57th Japan Record Award “Planning Prize” which released September 2015. Mega hit tune “Senbon Zakura” posted on YouTube was reviewed more than 30,000,000.


Wagakki Band

Unofficial Fanclub

Wagakki Band Int'L Fanclub

We're inviting anyone who loves Wagakki Band to come, join, share, and have fun together, with all about Wagakki Band and others related.

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Affiliate Chain-Link Fangroup (Unofficial): 和楽器バンドファングループ(非公式)の輪の紹介


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    八重流‬ | Wagakki Band Official Fanclub

    The name of "Yaeryu" means the style of "Wagakki Band" creating the color of the sounds played with 8 musicians, and it has been named as a group which inherits "Wagakki Band"'s style and traditions. The fan club welcomes all fans based not only in Japan but also overseas in order to transmit the beauty of the ancient Japanese traditional art such as Wagakki, Budo and Shigin (chanting of poem) across the globe. This is one and only style that "Wagakki Band" members and fans will create together!That is the "Waggaki Band" official global fan club "Yaeryu"! JOIN NOW: http://global-fc.net/wgb

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    和楽器バンドインドネシアファングループ | Wagakki Band Indonesian Fangroup

    Selamat datang di Wagakki Band Indonesia fangrup. Di sini adalah tempat berkumpulnya para penggemar Wagakki Band dan para personilnya. Wagakki Band merupakan band dengan gabungan dua aliran budaya yang berbeda yaitu aliran rock modern dengan musik tradisional jepang. Silakan memposting apapun yang berkaitan dengan Wagakki Band beserta apapun yang berkaitan dengan setiap member band ini. JOIN US: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wagakkibandindonesia/

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    和楽器バンドブラジルストリートチーム | Wagakki Band Brazil Team

    Turma, Criei o grupo da Wagakki Band Brasil não para trocar informações sobre a banda apenas, mas para compartilhar conhecimentos sobre o estilo musical. Ah, e claro, reunir fãs e admiradores da banda. JOIN US: https://www.facebook.com/groups/510960439009631/


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    Wagakki Band Vietnam Fanpage 和楽器バンドベトナムファンクラブ

    Là nơi để các fan Việt Nam và các fan nc ngoài tham gia giao lưu với nhau Là nơi cập nhật tin tức về nhóm: lịch diễn, các hoạt động của các thành viên. JOIN US: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1511144542544786/

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    和楽器バンドタイファングループ | Wagakki Band Thailand Fanclub

    แอดมินตั้งกลุ่มสำหรับพูดคุย แชร์ข่าวสาร ขอข้อมูล ขอรูปเอาไว้แล้วนะคะ จะได้เปิดกว้างสำหรับทุกคนมากขึ้น ข่าวบางข่าวแอดอาจจะเข้าถึงได้ไม่ไวเท่าหลายๆ คน ก็ถือว่าเราได้มาแชร์ๆ กันนะคะ ส่วนเพจนี้แอดก็จะยังโพสต์เหมือนเดิม รูป ทวีตเตอร์ แปลเพลง แปลคลิปสัมภาษณ์ แต่อาจจะช้าหน่อยเหมือนเคยแหล่ะค่ะ ^^;; ขอเข้ากลุ่มได้ที่นี่นะคะ JOIN US: https://www.facebook.com/groups/535769929934698/

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    Wagakki Band German Fans 和楽器バンドドイツのファン

    This is a group for all German Wagakki Band Fans and of course all Wagakki Band Fans who speaking german or learning it. Diese Gruppe soll für alle deutschen Wagakki Band Fans sein und einfach dem Austausch über die Band kann und auch gerne dem allgemein Austausch über japanische Musik und Kultur dienen. Also beginnt gerne mit dem Posten. JOIN US: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1659305427615037/


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Do the Best
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Wagakki Band Latest News


Let's Chorus Akatsuki no Ito Together in US!

English (日本語の文章も下段にあります)

People chorus the refrain part of "Akatsuki no Ito(暁の糸)" together, when they call the band back on the stage for the encore in Japan.

Let's do it in the US together! :D

Akatsuki no Ito(暁の糸)

Songwriting : Machiya

Hana Hirakeba Chou Edani Mitsu
When the flower bloom, butterflies gather on branch

< refrain >

#1j) Warera Utau Sorano Kanatahe
#1e) I sing to the distant sky

#2j) Haruka Nagaru Kumono Mukouhe
#2e) Beyond the floating clouds afar

#3j) Umio Koete Nijiwo Watatte
#3e) Over the sea, across the rainbow

#4j) Kimini Todoku Yo'oni
#4e) Hoping it will reach you

#5j) Sekiwo Kiette Afureru Omoi
#5e) Overflowing emotion bursting out

#6j) Itsuka Sameru Yumeno Ibashode
#6e) Place of dreams I shall wake up someday

#7j) Warai Atte Irareru Yo'oni
#7e) Hoping to always smile together

#8j) Kasane Tsumui Deyuku
#8e) I weave one moment after another

Thanks a lot Paul H. E. and Primavera D. for help!


Lyrics pic ver. (歌詞・画像版)

作詞/作曲 町屋

花開けば 蝶枝に満つ
(はな ひらけば ちょう えだにみつ)

(われら うたう そらのかなたへ)

(はるか ながる くものむこうへ)

(うみを こえて にじをわたって)

(きみに とどく ように)

(せきを きって あふれるおもい)

(いつか さめる ゆめのいばしょで)

(わらい あって いられるように)

(かさね つむいでゆく)




 Hi, guys. From yesterday post of Japanese WGB Yaeryu fanclub, there’s someone posted about the story behind the song of “YOSHIWARA LAMENT”. As we know, the song actually has been converted into a light novel with the main character Kasane Teto-san. Personally, I never read the book, but I read the summary once and connecting with the lyric, I think I need to share this, because it is a very touched story wrapped up by a good song :D So, I wanna let you know…
So, the story was taken place in Yoshiwara, a famous red-light district in Edo (I’m sure you’ve already known about the place). Or check it out on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshiwara (today known Nihonbashi)
There was a fifteen years old girl, named Kasane Teto. She was sold to a brothel to become a courtesan in Yoshiwara (you can imagine this if you have had watched the movie of ‘Geisha’). She was actually has a childhood friend, named Akasaka Tetsu who spent a pleasure childhood together with her. She tried to still hope that someday she can reach his beloved, but eventually, she has lost all hope and became indifferent to whatever happens. Despite that, it seems, she still had her hope to meet her lover even in Yoshiwara.
*First part shows what happen to Kasane-san in Yoshiwara as a courtesan:
Edo no machi wa kyou mo fukaku
-Tonight,Edo is once more [1]-
Yoru no tobari kaketeiku
-Wrapped in a veil of profound darkness-
Kagami muite beni wo hiite
-Drawing a line of red as I face a mirror-
Oujiru mama ukeireru mama
-In order to receive, in order to satisfy-
Daidai kagayaita hana
-I used to desire and long for-
Akogareteta nozondeita
-A glittering orange flower [2]-
Itsu no mani ka aiiro no hana
-Before I knew it, I've become an indigo flower [3]-
Keredo watashi yasukunai wa
-But still, I don't come cheap-
[1] Edo is the former name of Tokyo.
[2] The orange flower here is depicted as a sunflower in the PV. Sunflowers in flower language (hanakotoba) is a sign of devotion and loyalty, attachment to a person and ardent love.
[3] The indigo (or blue) flower here is depicted as hydrangeas in the PV. Hydrangeas in hanakotoba mean pride, beauty, femininity, as well as cruelty and indifference.
Part 2 shows how she loves her childhood friend so much. She wanted to give all the love to him, but the fate stole away her freedom, and she was sent to Yoshiwara and could do nothing:
Makoto wa tada hitori no
-At first, I had wanted-
Donata ka no tame dake ni
-To blossom only for one person-
Saiteitakatta no da keredo
Unmei wa wacchi no jiyuu wo ubai,
-Fate stole away my freedom-
Soite haguruma wo
-And so, the wheels-
Mawashiteiku no de arinsu
-Continued to turn-
Part 3. Reff. Once she was bought, she had to satisfy the customer with no pure love in that:
Itsuwari darake no ren'ai
-Even if it's just a false love,-
Soshite watashi wo idaku no ne
-Can you embrace me?-
Kanashii kurai ni kanjita
-Right now, rain falls on Yoshiwara-
Furi no yoshiwara kyou wa ame
-A sad feeling trembling through-
Anata-sama douka watashi wo
-Please, sir, if possible,-
Katte itadakenai deshouka?
-Will you be willing to buy me?-
Sakidasu kasa no mure ni
-In the flock of blooming umbrellas-
Nureru watashi wa ame
-I am drenched, I am rain-
Part 4: She was still hope that someone who she loves coming to her and release her from the cage:
Yukikau mure nigiwaru koe ga
-The bustling crowd comes and goes-
Hishinuki ai mo tsureai
-Flocking around, going about-
Negau koto wa douka itsuka
-My only wish is that someday-
Torikago no soto tsuredashite
-Someone will release me from this birdcage [5]-
[5] Birdcage here refers to the "harimise" or the viewing cage courtesans are placed in, very much like a display in a shop. Courtesans are made sit in the display the whole day until someone "buys" them.
(Book version) One day, she got a customer, a young samurai named Kei, who was gentle and strong, and seems she fall for him. But at the same time, she’s remembering Tetsu when she saw the young samurai. Well, she still wait to meet Tetsu again.
Part 5: Everything that she hopes seems to be useless, that what happened in the Yoshiwara. Customer came, she should what what she should : “Welcome, please enter” :
Ureiwoobita hana nozomu hateru
-The sorrow-tinged flowers, with my hope, withered away-
"Youkoso oidekunnamashi"
-"Welcome, please enter."-
Part 6:
Koibito gokko no yoru ni
-In a night for lovers,-
Toiki "aahh" to nakasete
-I can only purr and sigh-
Kanashii kurai ni kanjita
-Right now, rain falls on Yoshiwara-
Furi no Yoshiwara kyou mo ame
-A sad feeling trembling through-
In the end of the PV, we can see that Teto was surprised by seeing someone she really wanted to meet. And the story ended by a happy ending ^^
---Good job Asa-san!---
==Wagakki Band covered this song in their first album Vocalozanmai in their music way. It turns really beautiful played with some Japanese traditional instruments. And we can see when this song is brought live, Yuko’s singing style, gestures, the umbrella, and everything creates a beautiful atmosphere that show the scene of the song’s story. What do you think?===
*PS. I just read the summary of the light novel, so please tell me if there is something looks particularly wrong :D
*Lyric translation: https://onsenjikan.dreamwidth.org
*Light novel preview: http://clock08.tumblr.com/…/yoshiwara-lament-novel-release-…
*Yoshiwara Lament PV with English Sub (sung by 96neko-san): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug98HEEBEXY
*Yoshiwara Lament Accoustic Ver (Ibakira TV): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4CZcFKAGVk


Wagakki Band Master Pieces


First debut album of Wagakki Band. Containing 12 vocaloid cover tracks, this album sat on top 100 Japan oricon charts in some consecutive weeks.


First original song of Wagakki Band. The song and lyric are written by Vo. Suzuhana Yuko. Hanabi means Fireworks.


Containing two songs, both of them are used as Anime and Game OST of Sengoku Musou. Ikusa is written by Ba. Asa, while Nadeshiko Sakura is written by Vo. Yuko.


Second Album of Wagakki Band. This album succeed to be the 1st place on Japan Oricon Weekly Ranking. A lot of new original songs created by Wagakki Band members.

VALKYRIE -Ikusa Otome-

The song is used as Opening Theme of popular anime 'Sousei no Onmyoji'. The song is written by Ba.Asa.


The song is used as TV Tokyo Theme for Rio Olympic 2016. Firstly brought live at Nikko Toshogu Concert. Will be released on August 2016.

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